Awesome Christmas Corporate Gift Ideas 2021 in Hong Kong

Looking for the best Christmas corporate gift ideas for Hong Kong 2021?

How do you combat churn and show your customers just how much you care about their business? Besides a fantastic product and excellent customer service, the answer is gifts or provide a special experience, of course.

If you're feeling headache in finding gift ideas, here are a few gifts newly created by Flower Diary to pleasing your clients with different forms of Christmas trees in coming Christmas🎄.

1. Christmas Tree BoardChristmas Tree Board

Signature elements like pinecones, acorns, cinnamon with other mini decorations formed a fashionable yet cute Christmas tree on a real wooden board.

It can be hung on wall or placed on a wooden rack as a cozy Christmas display.

LED lighting makes it stands out in dark and night time.

 Christmas TreeLighting Christmas Tree


2. Nordic Christmas Tree StandNordic Christmas Tree

The woolen and feather liked thread come across on a wooden stand to give a soft and warm feeling Christmas tree which differs from most of the Christmas tree we have even seen.

Preserved flower and dried flower are added as decoration. And of course, LED lighting is included.

Christmas Tree Stand

Nordic Christmas Tree

3. Hydrangea Christmas TreeHydrangea Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree sitting in a small pot must surprise the hydrangea lovers. Hydrangea and roses in white, pink and blossom combines with some golden elements, to form the floral Christmas tree in one of the favorite color tone for girls.

4. Pinecone Christmas TreePinecone Christmas Tree

Just as its name, it was made by American pinecone in hand size and preserved real pine needle. Important elements like mini pinecone, acorn and cinnamon cannot be missed.

The cute Pinecone Christmas Tree sitting in a glass jar with elegant gift packing will be one of the best Christmas gift for your customers.

Pinecone Christmas Tree in Glass Jar

Christmas Tree

LED lighting


Flower Diary is ready to provide the Christmas gift or workshops for you, pleasing your customers or your staffs in Christmas 2021. We will give you a prompt feedback upon your enquiry.

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