Our Story

“No one can resist beautiful flowers. Flowers should be part of our daily lives. They are not just products, but something that can brighten up one's day and heal one's heart.”

Elaine, the founder of Flower Diary, studied in Kyoto (Japan) and previously worked in several Japanese companies in Hong Kong. She is deeply influenced and intrigued by Japanese culture and has gained many international insights.

“I spent a long time looking for an ideal bouquet for my own wedding yet I couldn't find the perfect one so I decided to make one for myself.”

After her wedding, Elaine decided to step out of her comfort zone, travelled to Japan and learned floristry (JPFA) from local florists.

Since then, Flower Diary was born.

The bunny - a cute, energetic yet sensitive creature - shown on the company logo, selects the best flowers from the land and brings happiness to people.
“We devote our passion into the details of the handcrafted products,bringing beautiful luxurious flowers into our customers' daily lives.”


Our services also range from providing customized corporate gifts or brand collaborations to organizing interest classes for NGOs to loyalty building workshops for luxury brand VIPs.
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