Meaning of different Rose Colors & Number of Stalks

Preserved Flower

There is hidden meaning of different rose colors and their number of stalks. The summary below would provide you more information in selecting the best floral gift in surprising your loved one. ❤️ 

Rose Colors

Red rose Passionate love, romance
Perfect for: Significant other, husband or wife
Occasion: Anniversary, proposal, bridal bouquet

Pink rose Elegance, gracefulness
Perfect for: Girlfriend, wife or crush
Occasion: Birthday, confession or "thank you"

Peach rose Appreciation, gratitude, "Thank you"
Perfect for: Friends, family, loved ones
Occasion: Birthday, express gratitude, "thank you"

Yellow rose Joy, friendship, freedom
Perfect for: Friends, elder couples, parents
Occasion: Friends' birthday, gifting parents or elder friends, family for their love anniversary

Purple/Lilac rose Majesty, glory, "I will always love you"
Perfect for: Patient, couple, mother
Occasion: Gifting parents, anniversary, the birth of a child, overcoming illness

Blue rose Mystery, "You are extraordinarily wonderful & unique."
Perfect for: Friends, crush, idol
Occasion:  Confession

White rose Purity, innocence, youthfulness
Perfect for:  Bride to be
Occasion:  Marriage

Grey rose Formality, stylish
Perfect for: Significant other, husband or wife
Occasion: Anniversary, surprise

Dusty rose Affection, love, happiness
Perfect for: Friend, girlfriend
Occasion: Birthday, surprise

Green rose Cheerfulness, excitement for new beginnings
Perfect for: Self, friends
Occasion: Home decoration, energy to the home 


Number of Main Stalks

One :     If you give a single rose on the first date,
             it symbolizes love at first sight

Two :     Mutual love, affection with your partner

Three :   The happiness of sharing your life with
             someone. Or I love you.

Five :     I love you very much. Or showing your
             care for a friend

Eight :    I support you, no matter what.

Nine :    Eternal love

Ten :      Perfect love