Romance in the Air - Ocean
Romance in the Air - Ocean
Romance in the Air - Ocean

Romance in the Air - Ocean

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Preserved flower boxes usually either do not contain any fragrances or essence drops may be added onto the flower petals, however, the aroma will only last for a few days.

Flower Diary proudly presents the first preserved flower box filled with a long-lasting fragrance. Utilizing a special technique, fragrance imported from Europe is added into the flower box. This allows your loved one to savour the everlasting sweet and rich aroma and think about you all the time.

Size: ~Dia20cm x H11cm

Preserved flowers are real flowers. Utilizing the latest technique, the radiant colours of the real flowers can be preserved and remain looking fresh for 3 years or more without any water or sunlight. (All the preserved flowers and dried flowers we use are imported from Japan)

General delivery lead time: 3 days

Romantic Scented Candle (optional)

Handmade scented candle in with preserved flower box. Smooth woody and fireplace scented candle perfect for bringing the warm and cosy vibe into your home. You could smell after opening. Helping to set a calming mood at your place.

Scented candle: Up to 12 burning hours

Soy wax, natural wick, Soy wax, an eco-friendly, nontoxic, renewable vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans.

Natural candle wick also burns longer, cleaner and more stable with no black smoke and no odour, The wax and fragrance are perfectly bound in order to provide the best scent throw.

Make sure adequate ventilation. High standard ingredient of the candle is safe for sensitive nose and pregnancy-friendly. Please consult your family doctor before use if you have any concerns. Keep away from things that catch fire. Keep away from drafts, children and pets.